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Evolution of our behavior and mentalities

Our CSR approach
What is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR?

CSR is the practice of sustainable development by companies.

We will therefore seek to have a positive impact on society, to respect the environment while being economically viable. A balance that we are building with the help of stakeholders, that is to say our employees, our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders or our regional players.

Green key

We are in an environmental approach and we have just acquired the @Clef Verte Label.

What will you find in a "Clef Verte" establishment?

  • Respect for the territory
  • The pleasure of living in sustainable tourism
  • At the same price!


Implementation of an environmental policy and a socially responsible approach, intelligent waste management (reduction at source, collection and recycling), control of energy and water consumption, responsible purchasing (in particular for food and maintenance), active customer awareness: these are all criteria of the Clef Verte label that we take into account. The labeling process provides for regular audits and the collection of evidence to attest to the seriousness of the institutions' approach.

Drinking a simple drink becomes a good deed!

Discover a new way to drink your drink in an eco-responsible way! We have banned plastic and cardboard straws for pasta straws and for good reason!

A multifaceted product:

  • BIODEGRADABLE: disappears completely in 24 hours
  • VEGAN: does not contain any product of animal origin
  • COMMITTED: 3 meals distributed around the world for the purchase of a box of straws
  • HEROIC: It doesn't end in the noses of turtles
  • ECO-FRIENDLY: made in Italy, goes short-circuit and reduces its carbon footprint.

For more information, go to their website;)

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Welcome to Hôtels Circuits France

Hôtels Circuits France is a network of independent, passionate and warm hoteliers and restaurateurs who welcome you to their boutique hotels all year round, for discovery, thematic or tailor-made stays. In a group, with friends, for a family reunion, (re) discover the destination France in all authenticity: comfort and services, personalized and family welcome, regional cuisine and local products, know-how of hoteliers to help you create your most nice stay!

Business sustainability assessment

In 2020, 60,000 companies were assessed worldwide. We are part of the top 10% of companies evaluated in the accommodation sector with our Label @ecovadis

Environmental, social and ethical performance - or sustainability - is a critical factor for smart businesses today. the supply chain is the greatest lever for impact.